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21-Jul-2017 19:43

This especially applies to those who have got together later in life, when each person is more likely to be set in their ways and less willing to adapt.

They’re surrounded by their own stuff with no room for anyone else’s.

“Do whatever works for your relationship,” says Dzenis.

At the start, I was newly divorced with small children, and he — the cartoonist Mel Calman — was the veteran of two marriages.

Just because they don’t live together (and never plan on living together) doesn’t mean their partnership is any less valid.“The biggest misconception is that if you choose not to live with your mate, you are somehow not as committed to the relationship,” says Hyman.

“The cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all trajectory for love is just so pervasive in popular culture, from Hollywood movies to romance novels: you meet, you fall in love, and you are expected to marry and/or move in together. ”Hyman is currently at work on a documentary called Apartners.

Some have emerged from a long marriage and are scared to commit or just reluctant to return to domesticity.

Others have grandchildren nearby and don’t want to uproot themselves. One couple I know, who have been together for seven years, work from home and divide their time between her flat in London and his cottage in Hastings, East Sussex. I’m not scared of commitment or sharing my finances, but I’m terrified of domesticity. My children had grown up, I was a free agent and my boyfriend needed somewhere to live.

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I missed the thrill of impermanence that separate homes had brought to my relationship with Mel.And such an arrangement might just be a healthy choice for certain romantic relationships.“Living apart gives the benefit of creating mental space for both partners to breathe and think independently, and to make educated decisions about the relationship as a whole,” says Dr.Kimberly Moffit, a Toronto-based relationship expert. “Living apart can be great for couples who are fiercely career-oriented and early in their careers, while they are establishing themselves.”But many adults who live apart together are already well established in their careers — even retired — and they know that their romantic partnership is built to last.Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter were famously rumoured to have lived in separate but adjoining houses throughout their marriage.

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn had an intense relationship for 26 years but never lived under the same roof (to be fair, it’s tricky to shack up with your long-time girlfriend when you’ve already got a wife, but that’s a story for another day). Close to two million Canadians were in Living Apart Together (LAT) arrangements in 2011, according to Statistics Canada.

We bore the scars of prolonged co-habitation and had no desire to jump into domesticity again.